Features and Services

PTASoftware.com is "the right choice" for your school's parent teacher student organization: PTA, PTSA, PTO, PTSO, etc. We bring all the best tools and features of PTA websites into a single easy to manage place for a fraction of the price of developing your own site. Starting at just $57 a month you will not find a better deal anywhere on the internet and we mean anywhere.

Do you have a PTA website? You will even if your volunteers don't have web design experience. Your site will come ready to go, no special skills required!

Does your PTA website make your PTA money? Yours will if that is what you want it to do with silent auctions, online school store and built in affiliate marketing.

Does your PTA website save you time? Yours will with online management of committees, events, the school store, silent auctions, donation requests, teacher and grade requests, and super easy custom page creation - just cut and paste. Check out our features today!

And you are always just a phone call or Email away from support.
"It was fabulous eye opener to see how many people were opening our newsletter."
Ease of Use
PTASoftware makes your job easier.
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